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Slednecks 15

Slednecks 15


Once again, the world renowned Slednecks team outdid themselves. Heath Frisby changed the game with the first ever snowmobile front flip winning X Games Gold. Kalle "KJ" Johansson, Dan Treadway, Geoff Kyle, Tyler Blair, Cory Micku and crew continue to explore and dominate BC.

Brett Turcotte and Brad Gilmore return to form and slay secret spots in Canada while Chris Burandt continues to take snowmobiles into areas where they never have been before. An insane snow year in Alaska allowed backcountry rippers Cory Davis, Joey Junker, and Dane Ferguson to show off their talents.

Not to be outdone, Carly Davis shows the boys that some girls can certainly hang with the best. From the deepest of powder days, to technical riding, to huge drops and hits, Slednecks 15 includes all the craziness from the award winning crew.

Captured beautifully on high definition video!

Running time 54 minutes

MSRP $29.99







Featured Riders
  • Kalle Johansson
  • Brett Turcotte
  • Tyler Blair
  • Brad Gilmore
  • Chris Burandt
  • Joey Junker
  • Dan Treadway
  • Geoff Kyle
  • Rob Alford
  • Sahen Skinner
  • Cory Davis
  • Dane Ferguson
  • Chris Brown
  • Cory Micku
  • Heath Frisby
  • Carly Davis
  • Raymond Cormier
  • Sam Densmore
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