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Slednecks MixTape Volume 1

Slednecks MixTape Volume 1


A completely new, never been seen before remix, featuring Brett Turcotte with footage from Slednecks 11-16. Chris Burandt, now and then, including his first ever Slednecks segment from 2001 and his latest Slednecks segment remixed! Jay Quinlan's timeless Slednecks 5 segment, proving how far ahead of his time he was. Volume 1 also includes and the Jackson boys from Slednecks 2, with the original Jackson crew from where it all started, featuring Dan Adams, Cameron Elliott, Shad Free, Cody Hanson and Ashley Reilly. And, there's a remix from sled master Cory Micku and never to be forgotten, a cameo from the first Slednecks anti-hero, Jed Daniels.

Running time 27 minutes

MSRP $9.99


Featured Riders
  • Jay Quinlan
  • Chris Burandt
  • Cameron Elliott
  • Brett Turcotte
  • Dan Adams
  • Shad Free
  • Ashley Reilly
  • Cody Hanson
  • Cory Micku
  • Barry Blaha
  • Jed Daniels
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